The 52 Best Schools in Spring for Your Kids in 2020

October 21, 2020

As one of the most popular north Houston suburbs, Spring is great for families ready to put down roots. The area provides a spacious and safe play for your kids to grow up and play, while also offering an escape from the bustling city life. Your family also has many high-performing schools to choose from — both public and private. 

As a service to our residents at Shadow Creek Reserve and people across The Woodlands-Spring area, we’ve created a list of our community’s top-performing schools so you can be confident that your children receive the education they need to thrive. 

 The 4 Public School Districts in Spring, TX Ranked

Spring is an enormous suburb. So much so, that not one, not two — but four — independent school districts serve the Spring area and its surrounding communities. So, while your address might technically read “Spring,” that doesn’t mean that your kids will automatically be zoned to Spring ISD. Based on data from the Texas Education Agency (TEA), here are the ranks for those four public school districts, along with background on funding and the top schools for that district in each grade level.

Tomball ISD: A

Tomball ISD serves the residents of Tomball and the westernmost parts of Spring. The state of Texas awarded Tomball ISD 92 out of 100 possible points for its outstanding education during the 2018-19 school year, scoring the highest out of the Spring-area school districts. The school district scored an A in student achievement, an A in school progress and a high B in closing the gap between different student demographics, such as economic disadvantages, race and ethnicity.

In 2017, voters approved a $275 million bond, which will provide the funds to create new schools, fund new educational opportunities for students and more.  

Best Schools in Tomball

  • Creekside Forest Elementary School (97 / 2019 overall score)
  • Timber Creek Elementary School (95)
  • Creekview Elementary School (95)
  • Willow Wood Junior High (95)
  • Tomball Memorial High School (93)
  • Tomball Star Academy (93)
  • Creekside Park Junior High (93)
  • Oakcrest Intermediate (93)
  • Tomball Junior High (92)
  • Lakewood Elementary (90)
  • Northpointe Intermediate (90)

Klein ISD: B+

Klein ISD serves the northern and western edges of Spring, and it’s the district that Shadow Creek Reserve is zoned to. Overall, Klein ISD scored a high B, 89 out of 100 possible points, for its ability to prepare students for in-school and after-graduation life. It also scored a high B in the three performance factors: school progress, closing the gap between different demographics, and student achievement. Overall, we believe this is a great district for students to succeed, and it has many elementary schools that exceed an A in ranking (below).

Klein ISD also received approval in 2015 for its bond project, totaling $498 million to build schools, have more buses and further technology in the classroom. Like Spring, it also set aside funds to enhance safety and security measures. 

Best Schools in Klein

  • Metzler Elementary School (94 / 2019 overall score)
  • Benignus Elementary School (94)
  • Frank Elementary School (94)
  • Brill Elementary School (93)
  • Theiss Elementary School (92)
  • Hassler Elementary School (92)
  • Zwink Elementary School (91)
  • Mahaffey Elementary School (91)
  • Mueller Elementary School (90)
  • Klein High School (89)
  • Klein Oak High School (89)
  • Doerre Intermediate (89)

Conroe ISD: B+

Conroe ISD serves the northernmost parts of Spring. The district ranked very similarly to Klein, coming in at a high B (89 out of 100 possible points). It scored one point less than Klein in being able to close the gap among demographics, but it gained the upper hand by one point for its student achievement. Most students in Conroe ISD live in the city of Conroe or The Woodlands, and it’s important to note that’s where most of the top-performing schools are located.

In November 2019, Conroe voters approved a huge bond project for  $653 million. The project will fund new campus additions, existing campus renovations, improved safety and security measures, better transportation and more technology. 

Best Schools in Conroe

  • Collins Intermediate (97 / 2019 overall score)
  • Mitchell Intermediate  (97)
  • McCullough Junior High (96)
  • Tough Elementary (96)
  • Buckalew Elementary (96)
  • David Elementary (95)
  • Bush Elementary (95)
  • Broadway Elementary (94)
  • Knox Junior High (93)
  • York Junior High (93)
  • Deretchin Elementary (93)
  • Clark Intermediate (93)
  • Galatas Elementary (93)
  • The Woodlands High School (92)
  • College Park High School (92)
  • Ride Elementary (92)
  • Powell Elementary (92)
  • Kaufman Elementary (91)
  • Snyder Elementary (91)
  • Grand Oaks High School (90)
  • Birnham Woods Elementary (90)

Spring ISD: C

Spring ISD received an overall C (78 out of 100 possible points) for its 2018-19 performance and student readiness. This means they serve many students well, but they still need to provide additional support to more students. The school also ranked C for student achievement and closing performance gaps between different student demographics. The district did, however, score a B for school progress and its ability to improve test scores over time. 

This school district received a $330 million bond in 2016 to replace outdated facilities and provide 21st-century learning opportunities to kids. It also provided funding to expand the bus service, security systems and campus safety initiatives. With its five-year timeframe, the project will continue through the 2021 school year. 

Best Schools in Spring

  • Spring Early College Academy (98 / 2019 overall score) – the highest overall score in the study
  • Ginger McNabb Elementary (92)
  • Edward Roberson Middle School (91)
  • Carl Wunsche Sr. High School (90)Best Private Schools in Spring


Best Private Schools in Spring


Many parents choose to send their kids to private schools, whether that’s for religious reasons or for the more intimate learning environment. The Spring area offers some of the best private schools in Texas and the nation. While many are concentrated within the city of Houston limits, there are several highly competitive options available in Spring and The Woodlands. 

The John Cooper School

The 5th best college prep private high school in Texas, The John Cooper School in The Woodlands is also the 10th best overall, according to Niche. While private schools usually aren’t ranked by the Texas Education Agency, they offer statistics and measurements, including SAT scores, student-to-teacher ratio, and more.

  • Students: ~1,200
  • Average SAT: 1380
  • Average ACT: 31
  • Diversity: A
  • Student-Teacher Ratio: 9:1
  • Grades: PK to 12

The Woodlands Christian Academy

Ranked as the 14th best Christian high school in Texas by Niche, The Woodlands Christian Academy also has a strong athletic reputation. It’s a smaller school, with 650-or-so students and only seven students per teacher. Other stats include: 

  • Students: ~650
  • Average SAT: 1230
  • Average ACT: 27
  • Diversity: B+
  • Student-Teacher Ratio: 7:1
  • Grades: PK to 12

The Woodlands Preparatory School

Tying for first in student-to-teacher ratio, The Woodlands Preparatory School and the Providence Classical School are two of the more intimate private schools in the area. According to Niche, the school comes in 42nd for the best K-12 school in Texas.

  • Students: ~220
  • Average SAT: 1250
  • Average ACT: 27
  • Diversity: A
  • Student-Teacher Ratio: 6:1
  • Grades: K to 12

Providence Classical School

The only school on this list to have “Spring” attached to its address, the Providence Classical School was the 22nd best private school in Houston, according to Niche. While not the highest-scoring school in Houston, it’s one of the few schools actually within Spring that offers competitive private education at the state level. 

  • Students: ~400
  • Average SAT: 1230
  • Average ACT: 27
  • Diversity: A
  • Student-Teacher Ratio: 9:1
  • Grades: PK to 12


Lots of Great Options for Quality Education

As you can see, your family has many great schools in and around the Spring area to choose from. Each one offers their own unique opportunities for your children to succeed, from advanced placement (AP) courses and early college high school to magnet classes and more. Spring is truly your oyster for when it comes to choosing the best education for your children.