The Shadow Creek Reserve Custom Home Building Process

It's time to build your luxury custom home in The Woodlands area. Our talented team will bring to life all of your dreams for your new home in Shadow Creek Reserve - starting with just pen and paper.Contact Us
Shadow Creek Reserve Custom Homes in The Woodlands

We will tailor your custom home to your exact specifications using our design-build method. We will create a unique set of design parameters and blueprints for your new home, and we'll use our customer-first approach that direct that process.

1. The Creative Phase

The journey toward your new home begins with the “Creative Phase.” At this stage, you'll meet directly with our design team. We will gain strong idea of who you are, your design preferences, what your family likes, and what your home really needs. This is a three-part process:
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1. After learning how you live in your home, we draft the first floor plan.

Our Creative Director, Rodney, has a one-on-one conversation with you what your family really needs, wants, and has to have. This includes questions about your life, schedules, hobbies, and more. He then talks with you about your design preferences, budget, and prospective construction timeframe. How you answer those questions forms the foundation of your new home on paper.

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2. A 2D floor plan for your custom home is developed by our designers and architects.

After your chat with Rodney, our design team gets to work by sharpening the sketch he drew up right before front of your eyes. We specific attention to both the design fundamentals and artistic details you discussed. Once this digital blueprint is complete, it will showcase everything you want to see in your home.

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3. We assemble a virtual 3D model of your new home.

Our design experts use state-of-the-art 3D rendering technology to let you “walk through” your custom home before construction begins. We want to ensure that you love everything about your custom home: from the bedrooms and shared living spaces to the bathrooms, outdoor living space, and even the kitchen sink.

BuildFBG's In-House Design Studio

2. Our In-house Design Studio

While our award-winning architects start framing up your new home, Megan Reuss, one of the top-ranked interior designers in Houston, helps you bring your aesthetic to life in your custom home. She focuses on aligning your design ideas with the high-end amenities and appliances available in our in-house design studio.

Thanks to our partnership with Ladco, our design studio combines the most fashionable and on-trend interior design ideas into a single location. This makes the planning, collaborating, designing, and shopping fun and stress-free. 

  • Enjoy browsing various types, shades, and grains of wood for your cabinets.
  • Explore the variety of stonework for your many counters and surfaces.
  • Choose the hardware that will adorn your doors.
  • Swipe through an assortment of paint swatches.
  • And so much more!

Megan’s goal is to help you create the home interior that perfectly reflects your tastes and complements the layout of your new home. Together, you’ll inspect each crucial design element that will bring your custom home to life – just like you see it in your dreams.

3. We're Dedicated to Best-in-Class Customer Service

Transparent client communication is a core value. The foundation of our business model is absolute openness with anyone and everyone who asks about a custom home from us. You’ll have direct, regular, and immediate access to our lead designer, architects, and project manager – no matter what questions you have about your home or the design process.

In fact, our Co-presidents, Kevin and Scott Frankel, make themselves completely open and available to all clients. Their involvement in building your home ensures that each stage of the home-building process flows smoothly.

The hallmark of the Frankel method is and always will be open dialogue with you before, during, and after your custom home is built. Yes, we absolutely use the newest and best technological advances to create your dream home, but we also follow it up with old-school hands-on client communication. And we have a  30-plus-year track record of putting you first.

At Frankel, you’re family.

Shadow Creek Reserve Custom Homes in The Woodlands